Questa £8,000 Charity Bike Ride


  • Client: Questa Financial Planning.
  • Challenge: Garnering ample community engagement and media attention for a charity cycling event, aimed at supporting The Boathouse Youth charity.
  • Solution: Crafting and executing a clear-cut PR strategy; major axes being storytelling, trust-building, media relations, and community celebration.
  • Results: A solid £8000 raised, participation from over 30 cyclists, more than 200 generous donors, and a broad local media coverage.


When Anthony Hoskisson of Questa reached out to us, his vision was crystal clear: a community-involved charity cycling event to raise funds for The Boathouse Youth charity. A noble initiative, yes. But could it reach the hearts of the local community and beyond?

The crux was to ensure widespread awareness and participation, all while spotlighting the charity’s mission. With no seasoned PR team on board, the risk was a message lost in the void, an event fizzled out with scarce public engagement.


What’s the essence of a good story? Relatability. So, we kicked off with storytelling, narrating Anthony’s battle with physical hurdles and his resolve to give back to the community. We kept it real, simple, and touching. Trust is a two-way street.

We shared Anthony’s compelling backstory and the event’s objective. Simultaneously, endorsements from friends and business on social media added layers of credibility to our narrative.

Next on the agenda: media relations. A straightforward press release made its way to local and regional media desks. We made sure the press had front-row seats on the event day, capturing the vibrant community spirit and the palpable enthusiasm among the participants.

The ride ended, but the friendship didn’t. The post-ride celebration organised by Questa was a casual get-together which turned into an extended platform for networking and furthering the charity’s cause. And maybe antoher ride next year?


And the drumroll begins. Our structured PR endeavours translated into tangible success. Over 30 cyclists took to the pedals, more than 200 individuals opened their wallets, and a whopping £8000 found its way to The Boathouse Youth charity.

Was the media buzzing? Absolutely. The local media coverage amplified the event’s outreach, painting Questa not just as a financial planning firm, but as a community-centric entity. The narrative of Anthony’s journey, intertwined with the community’s collaborative spirit, didn’t just resonate—it echoed across the region.

And as the funds poured into The Boathouse Youth charity, it wasn’t just a win for Questa or the charity; it was a triumph for the entire community. Through a well-spun PR strategy, a simple charity ride morphed into a movement, a community rallying around a cause. And that, right there, is the power of effective, human-centric PR.