Heroic PR Campaigns
and Invincible Digital Content
for Fearless Marketers

We’re all drowning in a digital sea
of tedious marketing messages.

In the battle for hearts and minds,
only fearless communicators with
the empathy to realise – and
the creativity to cut through
the noise – will win.

Your Stories. Only Better.

Right now, you are sitting on
untold stories with the (super) power
to make it irresistible for people
to talk about your business.

Whether you crave coverage
or captivating content, challenge
The Buzz Factory to discover
your best stories. Then sit back
as we transform them into
trust-building rocket fuel.

Communication Strategy.
Only Shrewder.

Ssh! This is our top secret sauce
that transforms tedious droners
into enthralling thrivers.

Imagine over 20 years of
over-achieving story-sharing experience
distilled into one perfectly-formed
strategy builder. The reality is
a simple forensic process
we call ‘PR Detox’.

Community Insights.
Only Smarter.

No more turgid monthly
status reports – guaranteed!
Instead, our Buzz Factory boffins
will build you your bespoke
real-time insights dashboard.

As if by magic, your very own
unique ‘Marketing Den’ will …

  • Monitor what matters
  • Track success
  • Discover opportunities
  • Empower even smarter brand-building strategies

A few of our favourite fearless moments …


Proud to partner with this famous Lancashire
family-owned automotive retailer for over 20 years.

We’ve out-run jet fighters in a flying BMW taking dogs on test drive (it ended up in space).

We’ve urged families to focus on each other instead of mobile devices.

We’ve given out free hugs.

We’ve made a giant ‘G’ out of MINIs to celebrate Preston Guild.

We’ve travelled back in time through an irridescent tin of Bowker magic beans.

We’ve endured children taking over the car dealerships.

The list goes on.

After 20 years, does it get any easier to consistently deliver ideas that slice through the noise?

Not really.

Is it worth the effort?


Bowker choose The Buzz Factory to support with …

  • Media Liaison
  • News Releases
  • Crisis Communications
  • Launch events
  • Media Competitions
  • Planning
  • Photography
  • Video Production
Zero Carbon Crusade

A campaign to inspire sustainable placemaking.

The campaign is being delivered in partnership with lead agency BHA

Thakeham chose us to help with …

  • Project management
  • Event management
  • Audience acquisition
  • Briefing web app
  • Internal communication
  • Event promotion
  • Video production
  • Social media strategy
  • Media liaison
  • Logsitics support
  • Animated content production
GO Outdoors

A celebration of local outdoor heroes.

Creating much-needed jobs and investing in any town’s retail economy generates great local media interest. For some, that would have been enough.

But we believed UK retailer GO Outdoors should hold loftier ambitions.

Our searches for a local outdoor hero, transformed each store opening into a celebration of outdoor achievement; putting local human interest stories front and centre.

GO Outdoors chose The Buzz Factory to help with …

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Community outreach
  • Media liaison
  • Media competitions
  • Photography

A campaign to support the planning process for
a global radiotherapy innovation campus.

Elekta’s location in Crawley is renowned as a world-class hub for the design and manufacture of precision radiation therapy technologies for over 60 years.

The new Elekta Cornerstone campus would cement the company’s reputation for oncology innovation in the year’s to come.

At 150,000 square foot, the Cornerstone facility would serve as home to 750 employees comprising engineers, scientists, clinicians and customer-facing professionals.

Our challenge was to help the local community feel invested in the ambitious campus vision.

We delivered a range of events, photo calls and milestone celebrations to communicate the true sense of partnership with the local area.

The Cornerstone campaign was delivered in partnership with lead agency BHA.

Elekta chose us to support with …

  • Community outreach
  • Planning
  • Media liaison
  • Celebrity sourcing
  • Online information hub design and content
  • Photography
  • Event management

A fun regional creative competition to inspire
a new generation of jewellery designers.

Ena Mill