Heroic PR Campaigns
and Invincible Digital Content
for Fearless Businesses

We’re all drowning in a digital sea
of mundane me-too marketing messages.

In the battle for hearts and minds, only the most fearless marketers will win.

And only those with enough curiosity, creativity and empathy will cut through the noise!

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Your Reputation. Only Better.

Right now, you are sitting on
untold stories that posess
the (super) power to
ignite remarkable conversations.

Whether you crave coverage
or captivating content, put
our public relations expertise to the test.
Challenge The Buzz Factory PR to discover
your best stories and insights.
Then sit back as we transform them
into trust-building rocket fuel.

Communication Strategy.
Only Shrewder.

Ssh! This is our top-secret sauce
that transforms tedious droners
into enthralling thrivers.

Imagine over 20 years of
over-achieving public relations experience
distilled into one perfectly-formed
strategy builder. The reality is
a simple forensic process
we call ‘PR Detox’.

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Community Insights.
Only Smarter.

No more turgid monthly
status reports – guaranteed!
Instead, our Buzz Factory boffins
will build you your bespoke
real-time insights dashboard.

As if by magic, your very own
unique ‘Marketing Den’ will …

  • Monitor what matters
  • Track success
  • Discover opportunities
  • Empower even smarter brand-building strategies