First BMW UK Sustainability Award

From Local Initiatives to National Recognition


  • Client: Bowker Motor Group, a Lancashire-based motor dealership committed to sustainability.
  • Challenge: Gaining wider recognition and trust for their sustainability efforts in a competitive market.
  • Solution: Crafting a compelling sustainability narrative about Bowker sustainability, managing media relations, and highlighting Bowker’s community engagement.
  • Results: Winning the BMW UK Sustainability Award, increased brand trust, and stronger community engagement.


Bowker Motor Group had a clear vision: to be a leader in sustainability within the motor industry. They were already making strides locally by reducing paper transactions and investing in solar panels. However, the challenge was to amplify these efforts on a national stage. How could they gain broader recognition and establish trust with a wider audience?


Our approach:

  • We developed a narrative around Bowker’s ‘Switch Off Something’ initiative, linking their efforts to historical and contemporary sustainability challenges.
  • Our media relations strategy ensured that key milestones, like the solar panel installation and paper reduction, were communicated to a wider audience.
  • We highlighted Bowker’s community engagement, such as their scholarship and apprenticeship schemes, to showcase their comprehensive approach to sustainability.

This blend of narrative storytelling and strategic media relations aimed to spotlight Bowker’s sustainability journey.


The efforts paid off when Bowker Motor Group was awarded the BMW UK Sustainability Award.

  • This award significantly elevated Bowker’s brand, showcasing them as a sustainability leader in the motor retail sector.
  • The recognition fostered a greater level of trust among their community and customer base.
  • Furthermore, it sparked conversations among other motor groups, positioning Bowker as a benchmark in sustainability efforts.

The award wasn’t just a win for Bowker; it was a testament to their long-term commitment to sustainability. Through a well-orchestrated PR strategy, Bowker’s local initiatives found a voice on the national stage, demonstrating the tangible impact of their sustainability journey.