GO Outdoors Store Launches


  • Task: To promote the opening of nine new GO Outdoors stores in four years.
  • Objective: Highlight the company’s commitment to local communities.
  • Approach: Craft compelling stories, generate media coverage, and engage with local communities.
  • Results: Successful store openings, increased brand awareness, and a stronger market position.


GO Outdoors, a leading outdoor retailer in the UK, faced the challenge of launching nine new stores over a four-year period. Their goal was not just to open these stores but to underscore their dedication to local communities.

To achieve this, they needed to create a buzz, attract customers, and communicate their values effectively. The challenge was to stand out in a competitive market and convey their commitment to outdoor adventure and affordability.


Our approach began with crafting compelling stories for each new store. We collaborated closely with GO Outdoors to identify unique features and messages that would resonate with their target audience. Our strategy was to showcase how each store would positively impact the local area.

We ran an outreach campaign with local outdoor clubs and societies in each stores local area. We asked them for nominations for an local Outdoor Hero who we’d dedicate the store opening to. At the same time, we knvoited them to be amongst the first to experience the store for themslves.

Working hand-in-hand with GO Outdoors, we emphasised their dedication to outdoor adventure and their promise to serve outdoor enthusiasts in the area. We translated these values into stories that local communities could connect with.


Our comprehensive PR support generated significant interest and media coverage for GO Outdoors. We secured placements in local newspapers, radio, and social media channels. This media exposure was instrumental in driving curiosity and excitement around each new store opening.

Furthermore, our engagement with local community groups and outdoor enthusiasts helped foster a sense of anticipation. As a result, each store opening was a resounding success, drawing crowds of customers from both near and far.

The stories we crafted played a pivotal role in establishing GO Outdoors as a company that genuinely invests in local communities and actively supports outdoor adventure. This positioning not only attracted new customers but also solidified their position as a leading outdoor retailer in the UK.

Our partnership with GO Outdoors contributed significantly to the successful launch of nine new stores. We take pride in our role in enhancing brand awareness, building trust, and telling compelling stories that resonate with audiences. As we look ahead, we are excited about the potential for future collaborations with GO Outdoors and the opportunity to continue shaping their public image.