Claytons Jewellers 30th Anniversary


  • Client: Claytons Jewellers, a family-owned jewellery store in Blackpool and St. Annes.
  • Goal: Celebrate their 30th anniversary by organising a local jewellery design competition, promote local talent, and boost store reputation.
  • What we did: Provided full PR support to spread awareness, build good relations with the community, and tell a compelling story.
  • Outcome: The competition was a hit, the store got more attention, and there was a lot of positive talk in the community and media.


Claytons Jewellers wanted to mark their 30th anniversary in a special way that would inspire young creativity and also bring the local community together. They sought our advice to catch the media’s eye, and make sure the event left a good impression on everyone involved.


Our plan had four main parts:

  • We created a competition called The Fylde Young Jewellery Designer of the Year. We hoped this would spotlight local talent and show their support for the community. It also celebrated Claytons Jewellers unique bespoke jewellery design skills.
  • Getting the Community Involved: We worked closely with local schools, particularly Lytham St Annes High School, to encourage students to participate. This helped build a sense of local excitement and ownership around the competition.
  • Media Relations: We drafted and sent out a news release to local newspapers, radio, and TV stations. We highlighted the young talent in the area, the unique designs they were creating, and the story behind the competition.
  • Telling a Good Story: We focused on making sure the stories shared about the competition were interesting and easy to understand. For example, the winning design by 12-year-old Izabella Hadfield was turned into a real piece of jewellery worn by The Mayor of St Annes at a public event. This story, along with the charity auction of the winning piece, gave the media and public something memorable to talk about.


The results were positive and clear:

  • The competition received a lot of entries and the event where the winner was announced got good media coverage.
  • The story about the young winner, the Mayor wearing the winning design, and the charity auction caught the interest of many in the community.
  • Claytons Jewellers was happy with the increased attention to their store and the goodwill from the community.
  • The competition, now linked with the Claytons Jewellers’ 30th anniversary, left a lasting good impression and raised £2,000 for St George’s Festival Charities through the auction of the winning piece.