Cheers to Hopfest Gin Glasses


  • Client: Evolve Document Solutions
  • Challenge: Enhancing brand visibility and community engagement through sponsorship at Hopfest 2023.
  • Solution: Crafted a relatable narrative, orchestrated a test drive event, and ensured media coverage to highlight the sponsorship.
  • Results: Amplified brand recognition, enhanced goodwill in the community, and increased interaction with local businesses.


Evolve Document Solutions, a reputable photocopier leasing firm based in Preston, eyed an opportunity to bolster its community engagement and brand visibility by sponsoring the gin glasses at Hopfest 2023, a well-awaited local event.

However, merely sponsoring wasn’t enough. How could they create a buzz around their sponsorship that resonated with the local community, while also highlighting their brand in a manner that’s organic to the event’s atmosphere?

They needed a strategy that not only spotlighted their involvement but also contributed to the success of Hopfest, thereby engraving their brand name in a positive light within the community.


We rolled up our sleeves and dove into action. Realising that the crux of engagement lay in relatability, we decided to intertwine Evolve’s expertise in rigorous testing with the introduction of the new gin glasses. A casual “test drive” event was orchestrated, where Evolve staff sampled gins using the new glasses at Preston Grasshoppers.

A smart move? Absolutely. This not only highlighted their sponsorship in a fun, interactive manner but also aligned with their brand ethos of meticulous testing to ensure quality. Now, to the storytelling part. We crafted a narrative around the test drive, showcasing Evolve’s hands-on approach in ensuring the gin glasses enhanced the drinking experience.

This story was not just about sponsorship; it was about a brand investing its essence in the community’s joy. We didn’t stop there. Ensuring the local media covered this unique test drive, alongside the details of Evolve’s sponsorship, was crucial. A simple, catchy press release made its way to the local news desks, ensuring the narrative reached far and wide.


The ripple effects of our strategy were clear and positive. Evolve Document Solutions saw a noticeable uptick in local recognition. The narrative around the test drive not only caught the eye of the locals but also created a friendly, approachable image of Evolve.

People now associated the brand with a fun, community-centric ethos, which was a win-win. The media coverage acted as a cherry on top, casting a wider net of awareness about Evolve’s involvement in Hopfest 2023. The interactions with other local businesses during the event also increased, laying down a foundation for potential collaborations.

The delightful chatter around the new gin glasses, every toast with the Evolve branded glasses, echoed the success of a well-thought-out PR strategy. It wasn’t just about a logo on a glass; it was about creating a narrative that stuck, showcasing how a brand could seamlessly intertwine with community joy, ensuring a lasting impression long after the last drop of gin was savoured.