Bowker Doggie Test Drive

Bowker Christmas Engagement Through Creative Storytelling


  • Client: Bowker Motor Group
  • Challenge: Enhancing brand awareness and fostering community engagement in a distinctive and memorable manner during the holiday season.
  • Solution: Developing and executing a unique Christmas video campaign, in collaboration with a local PR agency, that features local landmarks and community members.
  • Results: Improved brand recognition, stronger community ties, and a successful engagement with both local and broader audiences.


Bowker Motor Group wanted to do something out of the ordinary for the holiday season. They aimed to not only promote their brand but also engage the local community in a distinctive way. The challenge was how to create something unique that would resonate with the community and stand out amidst the usual holiday marketing campaigns.


The solution was to collaborate with The Buzz Factory, a Preston-based PR agency, to craft a unique Christmas video. The narrative was imaginative – a dog’s whimsical journey to space in a flying BMW convertible, intertwined with a race with a jet fighter, featuring local landmarks like the Preston Marina.

  • Local Community Involvement: Involved local celebrities and organizations, along with Bowker staff, to participate in the video, creating a sense of community and familiarity.
  • Musical Element: Incorporated a well-loved 80’s anthem to add a nostalgic, enjoyable musical element to the video.
  • Production: Managed the filming and production to ensure a high-quality video that clearly communicated the intended narrative while showcasing the Bowker brand.


The Christmas video turned out to be a talking point both locally and beyond, achieving the goal of creating something memorable and engaging.

  • The inclusion of local personalities and landmarks fostered a stronger connection with the community.
  • The unique narrative and high-quality production values helped improve brand recognition for Bowker Motor Group.
  • The successful collaboration with the PR agency ensured a smooth execution of a creative idea, leading to a well-received and engaging marketing campaign that stood out during the festive season.

The campaign showcased how a creative narrative, combined with local community engagement and professional PR support, could effectively enhance brand awareness and foster community engagement.